smbclient(1) -U tyler \\\\\\new-site
ftp-like client to access SMB/CIFS resources on servers
    Sets the SMB username or username and password.

    If %password is not specified, the user will be prompted. The client will first check the USER
    environment variable, then the LOGNAME variable and if either exists, the string is uppercased. If
    these environmental variables are not found, the username GUEST is used.

    A third option is to use a credentials file which contains the plaintext of the username and
    password. This option is mainly provided for scripts where the admin does not wish to pass the
    credentials on the command line or via environment variables. If this method is used, make certain
    that the permissions on the file restrict access from unwanted users. See the -A for more details.

    Be cautious about including passwords in scripts. Also, on many systems the command line of a running
    process may be seen via the ps command. To be safe always allow rpcclient to prompt for a password
    and type it in directly.
source manpages: smbclient