nmap(1) -A
Network exploration tool and security / port scanner
-A (Aggressive scan options) .
    This option enables additional advanced and aggressive options. I havenĀ“t decided exactly which it
    stands for yet. Presently this enables OS detection (-O), version scanning (-sV), script scanning
    (-sC) and traceroute (--traceroute).  More features may be added in the future. The point is to
    enable a comprehensive set of scan options without people having to remember a large set of flags.
    However, because script scanning with the default set is considered intrusive, you should not use -A
    against target networks without permission. This option only enables features, and not timing options
    (such as -T4) or verbosity options (-v) that you might want as well.
nmap [Scan Type...] [Options] {target specification}
source manpages: nmap