lua40(1) - Lua interpreter
-c     close Lua before exiting.
-e stat
       execute statement stat.  You will need to quote stat if it contains spaces or quotes.
-f file
       collect  all  remaining  arguments as strings into a global table named arg and then execute file.
       The arguments in arg start at 0, which contains the string `file'.  The index of the last argument
       is stored in arg.n.
-i     enter  interactive  mode,  displaying  a  prompt.  In this mode, lua reads lines from the standard
       input and executes them as they are read.  Each line must contain a complete statement.  To span a
       statement across several lines, end each line with a backslash `\'.  The prompt shown is the value
       of the global variable _PROMPT, if this value is a string.  So, to change the prompt, set  _PROMPT
       to  a string of your choice.  You can do that after calling the interpreter or on the command line
       with _PROMPT=´lua: ´, for example.  (Note the need for  quotes,  because  the  string  contains  a
       space.)  The default prompt is ``> ''.
-q     enter interactive mode, but without displaying a prompt.
-sn    set  the  stack size to n.  If present, this must be the first option.  Note that n is in the same
       argument as -s.  For example, to specify a stack size of 2000, use -s2000.
-v     print version information.